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“It’s ok, we will just ramp sales back up later.”

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

No you won’t. Not easily at least.

In fact, in some ways it will be easier now. Now when competition is pulling back. Now when you can get more for your dollar.

Lots of data to support the financial benefit in staying the course and maintaining spend. I’ve attached one here from the venerable Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.

Beyond sales, I’ve seen studies showing outsized benefits to profits as well (though if my memory holds, this follows a bit).

In 2008 I employed this approach while leading the advertising for Cracker Barrel and the company enjoyed both sequential sales improvement (in a down environment!) and share gains. It works.

I get it. There are trade-offs to make. Just be certain to keep information like above as part of the discussion when you are deciding where you are/not going to invest.

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