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Efficiency and effectiveness don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Think about your brand as a combination of what you uniquely offer and how you uniquely offer it. These are choices. Choices that create focus.

This focus creates efficiency by speeding up decision-making and eliminating work that does not align.

Improved effectiveness comes from increased impact because of the focus and by having delivering consistently across the experience.

This is more than marketing communications. Think about using your brand principles (how you uniquely deliver) to help provide definition to your products, services, and experiences.

Imagine a restaurant concept built around the idea of a modern Mexican cantina using the principles of customization, fresh, and fast. Remind you of anyone? Whether the product they deliver or how they promote.

So let your brand be all it can be and do all it can do to help drive profitable sales for you.

PS—brand identity is a related but different topic

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