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Your marketing and HR leaders walk into a bar

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

And they never talk.

And yet, they should. Each of their actions are affecting each other.

Your brand principles (how you uniquely deliver your brand promise) and the behaviors that are a manifestation of your values sit opposite one another (think outside/inside). Without alignment between your brand and employee experience you diminish possible sales effectiveness and employee satisfaction/retention.

I’ve seen sales and field teams be far more effective and motivated because they could see and feel clear linkage between how the company was asking them to behave and how we were saying the company would deliver.

This doesn’t have to be overly complicated. We are not looking for matching luggage between the brand principles and the behaviors. Cohesion is good. Clashing, clearly not.

If you’re working to adjust your brand strategy (talking promise or principles here), take a moment to at least check in with your employees to ensure they believe and agree with the direction you are heading. If not, ask what would have to be true for them to believe and then make that real. Start there first.

Your growth and employee satisfaction are, in part, relying on it.

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